A Few Simple Tips for Maintaining an Espresso Machine

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Whether you have it at home, or at a coffee shop you manage, an espresso machine is often considered one of the most important pieces of equipment for brewing a good cup of coffee. Many coffee drinks start with espresso and then have flavouring, foam, steamed milk, and other such ingredients added to them, so a high-quality espresso machine can mean an endless variety of coffee options for you, or for customers. To ensure your espresso machine is always functioning properly, note a few simple tips for keeping it cleaned and maintained every day.

Filter basket

The filter basket needs to stay clean in order for it to properly filter water as it passes through to the cup or carafe underneath, but rinsing it alone may not be enough. It's usually recommended that you actually wash the filter basket every day, or even more than once throughout the day, depending on how often you use the espresso machine. Soaking the filter in hot, soapy water and then actually wiping it down will remove sediment and debris and keep coffee tasting fresh.

Also, note that minerals in hard water can get caught in the filter and may not wash away so easily. Install a water softener in the home or business if necessary, and especially if you notice stains or any signs of mineral deposit on the filter itself, or if coffee from the machine seems bitter and not very fresh.

Steam wand or nozzle

Always wipe the front of the steam wand or nozzle after every use, and be sure to use a damp cloth so that you remove all steamed milk and so it doesn't harden inside the nozzle. It's also good to clean the inside of the nozzle tip with a paperclip on occasion.

If you notice a steam wand or nozzle is not working, remove it and clean it with a soft brush, under running water. Blast plain water and steam through the nozzle to remove any other build-up, and this should get it working again.

Coffee dispenses slowly

Packing coffee beans too densely in the filter basket may stop the water from flowing freely, and the brewed coffee may then just drip into the cup or pot below. Coffee beans should be lightly tamped down in the filter basket, but not pressed into place. Wash the filter basket as mentioned above, and this will also remove any coffee that is stuck in the mesh of the filter, and the coffee should brew at normal speeds again.

For more information about coffee machine maintenance and repairs, such as la marzocco repairs, contact a professional. 

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