Your Air Conditioning Unit Also Requires Regular Cleaning

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Just like any other appliance in your home, your air conditioning unit is prone to accumulating dirt and dust over time. Indeed, the surrounding air can contain debris that tends to settle on your coils, ductwork and fan blades. If you live near a coastline or other area with low vegetation, air tends to blow across long distances and spread dust to the inside and outside of your AC unit.

Dirt does more than just reduce indoor air quality. It also interferes with the efficiency of the air conditioner and causes increased energy consumption.

Signs that cleaning is necessary

Regular professional cleaning of your AC system is important to ensure that your unit works well and circulates clean air. There are signs that show it is time for the unit to be cleaned. These warning signs include:

Seeing dust particles coming out of air vents

Once you begin to see visible dust particles coming out of your air vents when the unit is running, it is time to have the AC cleaned. Seeing wisps of dust shows that the accumulation of dirt and debris is quite high and can result in contaminated indoor air.

Presence of pet hair in air ducts

If you have pets in the home, a dirty AC unit can circulate pet fur through its ducts and vents. This is a leading cause of allergic reactions and regular irritation.

Coats of dust on coils and fan blades

Sometimes you will see a coat of dust on your compressor coils or on the blades of the outdoor fan. This dirt can interfere with the compressor's ability to generate cool air at the required temperature. These components should be professionally cleaned in such circumstances.

Constant irritation, such as allergic reactions and respiratory diseases

The onset of breathing difficulties in the home or frequent allergic reactions is also a sign that it is time to clean your unit. A dirty AC unit is directly related to poor indoor air.

What is done during the cleaning process?

During professional cleaning, the entire air conditioning system is inspected for dirt, and equipment is used to remove such particles. Most cleaning processes begin with a thorough inspection of the ductwork as well as the compressor, fan and other exposed elements of the unit.

The furnace box is also opened to ensure that the motor and heating coils are not contaminated. These components are then cleaned accordingly to remove dirt particles.

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