What Are Some Of The Common Washing Machine Parts That Have To Be Replaced?

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If you have a washing machine and plan on keeping it for a long time, you might find that you will have to have certain parts replaced at some point. This allows you to keep your washing machine up and running as it should be, and it can help you avoid having to replace your washing machine when unnecessary. Of course, the parts that you will need to replace on your washing machine will depend on the specific issues that you're dealing with and the model that you have. These are a few examples of washing machine parts that often have to be replaced.

Lid Switch Assembly

As you might already know, washing machines can be dangerous. If you open your washing machine while it's spinning and put your hand inside, for example, you could be seriously injured. Because of this, modern washing machines are outfitted with a lid switch. This switch turns the washing machine off when you open the lid or prevents you from opening the lid while the washing machine is working. If the switch breaks, however, it could prevent your washing machine from working or could pose a safety issue. Luckily, you can purchase a lid switch assembly to remedy the problem.

Drive Belt

The drive belt is a part that allows your washing machine's drum to turn and move during the agitation cycle and other cycles. Over time, this drive belt can become stretched or broken, which can prevent your washing machine from functioning properly. Drive belts don't usually cost much, so replacing them isn't a big deal. When installed, the drive belt is installed between the motor and the drum pulley.

Water Pump

Your washing machine has a water pump that is used for things like drawing in water when your washing machine drains and spins your clothing. If the water pump stops working, you have to worry about the possibility of your washing machine not doing a good job of draining. This can lead to your clothes being very wet when you pull them out of the washing machine, which makes them difficult to dry. Water pumps can be replaced to restore the washing machine back to its proper condition.


Gaskets are used to hold water in your washing machine. When they become worn out, they have to be replaced to prevent your washing machine from leaking, which could make a big mess and cause water damage in your laundry room.

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