Staying Ahead of Common Dishwasher Problems

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Dishwashers are excellent appliances for cleaning your dirty utensils in a quick and efficient manner. As technology continues to become prevalent, many homes and businesses would struggle without an operational dishwasher. It is therefore important to ensure that the appliance remains in good working condition at all times.

There are several common problems that your dishwasher can experience over time. Knowing what problems are likely to occur with your machine can enable you to act quickly to rectify the problem or to seek appliance repairs as soon as possible.

Dishes remain soiled after washing

A common issue most people experience with their dishwasher is the dishes coming out soiled after a washing cycle. It can be quite inconvenient to put items that you need into the machine, only for them to come out dirty. This problem could be caused by simple issues such as overloading the dishwasher or blocking the path of spray arms. You should also make sure that all dishes are loaded without food debris.

If you are carrying out all these steps and the dishes are still coming out soiled, you may need to check the machine for blockages or grease stains. An appliance repair service can remove grease from the machine, unblock your spray arms, or rinse the dishwasher to prevent water spots.

The dishwasher leaks

If your dishwasher is leaking, it can result in poorly washed dishes and wasted water. Most leaks are caused by a loose fitting door. Inspect the machine for any cracks or openings when the door is closed and the machine is on.

You may simply need to ensure the door snaps shut or to clean the gasket. If you notice cracks in the door or gasket, call an appliance repair service to replace the affected parts.

Dishes don't dry after washing

It can be inconvenient to take wet dishes out of the dishwasher after completing a cycle. In most cases, drying issues indicate a faulty heating element. You can check the heating element's functionality using a simple voltage-testing device. If it is broken, it will need to be replaced. If the heating element is working, the rinse dispenser may be the problem. Ensure the dispenser is not empty or blocked.

The machine has problems starting

Imagine the inconvenience of loading the dishwasher, setting everything up, and then turning it on only for it to fail to start. First, check the outlet to make sure it's working. Next, check the fuse to confirm that it isn't blown and that the door is properly closed.

Issues such as a blown fuse are easily replaced. Other power failures are best handled by an appliance repair service.

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